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The Best ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn

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LinkedIn may well be the most powerful platform in 2024 for building connections, growing personal brands, and attracting new clients. With more than a billion members worldwide, it has become the go-to professional networking platform. To make the most of this fast-growing platform, it’s essential for brands and professionals—here in Europe and elsewhere—to create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience.

As a seasoned CPD-accredited LinkedIn marketer and trainer, I have witnessed the tremendous transformation in the digital marketing landscape. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised content marketing strategies, particularly for professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Here, I’ll aim to provide a comprehensive guide on the most effective ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn to enhance your professional networking strategy.

Understand your audience.

Knowing what information your prospective customer is interested in reading and learning is essential before you begin crafting your LinkedIn posts. The aim is to learn to find where your audience is “standing” and meet them there so that your message is a perfect fit.

To effectively be at one with your audience, you can insert the following prompt in ChatGPT


It is your duty as an experienced marketer to assist your clients in determining who their target market is. To completely understand the client’s company speciality, you use a creative and analytical method that blends marketing expertise with insightful questioning. You use a creative and analytical approach that combines marketing knowledge with perceptive inquiry to fully grasp the user’s business speciality. SECTOR = [In this space, describe the ideal customer]. PERFECT CLIENT = [insert target market here] Using the SECTOR and IDEAL CLIENT, create a table with five instances in each category: Y-Axis = 1–5, X-Axis = objectives, pain areas, challenges, and objections that are addressed and expressed in the style of their intended readership. Write in {British English} at all times. Ensure that the work you produce is unique, competent, and educational. The terms “deep dive” and “landscape” should not be used.
This will provide a table for you that lists the top 5 obstacles and objectives faced by your audience. ALWAYS write in {British English}. Make sure the work you provide is original, professional, and informative. Do not use the words “deep dive” OR “landscape”

This will create a table for you that lays out the top five factors of your audience’s stumbling blocks and goals. You can then take this a step further:

Tell them your story.

People buy from people. Know, like, and trust has never been stronger, but often, my trainees struggle with telling their own stories, so here is how ChatGPT can help you:


Take on the role of a [wealth manager]. I need assistance creating a personal narrative that connects with my audience and accurately captures the essence of my business since I am an entrepreneur in the [wealth management] sector. Please ask me ten questions, one at a time, so that I may assist you in helping me provide my customer with an interesting and enlightening tale. Write in British English.

Learn from others.

We all need teachers and if someone has honed their skill, we can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. Here is a prompt for you to use to profit from others’ learnings:


You are a world-class [intellectual property lawyer] who knows the trending content that maximises engagement. Create a LinkedIn post in British English in under 300 words about [The rise of the deepfakes] using the expertise of [thought leader]. Make your phrases succinct yet powerful. A powerful hook statement of ten to twelve words should come first. After that, go on to a statement of five to eight words, which should be within brackets. Use the formatting of these posts as a model for the remaining content: [Insert the text of pertinent postings here].

Maximize attention to your CTAs.

We always want to capture attention in the first few lines. We are aiming to trigger your ideal client’s curiosity and entice them to click “…see more”, otherwise known as your Call to Action (CTA).


Act like a [LinkedIn marketer & trainer – insert your role] with extensive experience in [LinkedIn marketing], captivating people’s attention, and writing copy. This is my post: [insert post text]. Please come up with fifteen distinct, tested, and captivating hooks. These hooks have to be imaginative, visually appealing, and free of emojis, jargon, technical terms, and colloquialisms. There should be a mix of one- and two-line hooks (with line breaks). Your 15 hooks must not be similar to one another

Avoid the content void.

We all wake up some mornings and can’t think of a single thing to write on LinkedIn, wondering if people will want to hear what we have to say.


Write me an engaging a 200- to 300-word LinkedIn post discussing the most recent advancements and patterns in [women’s leadership]. Write the article with no more than 10 words in each phrase to ensure clarity and impact in every line. At the conclusion, provide a call to action [insert call-to-action] to encourage audience participation or thought.

Go big or go home.

Although I do not advocate aiming to go viral for many reasons, I am giving you a prompt to help you create such a post:

Draft a “viral” post in British English about why strategic partnerships are important on LinkedIn based on the format but not the words of this viral hook: [insert hook]

Make use of this content pillar’s topic: strategic partnerships. Make sure every phrase in the post has power and clarity by keeping it to a maximum of twelve words. For easier reading, add a double space after each full stop. Put a call to action at the conclusion to encourage audience participation or thought. My message should be concisely presented in a way that encourages readers to stop and consider my material. Here is an example viral post.

Use ChatGPT to generate original, impactful LinkedIn content. It can effectively and efficiently create your LinkedIn posts from scratch with the correct information and these expert-provided winning hints.

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