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There’s no perfect creative prompt

If I were looking for a movie title for the year 2024, I’d seriously consider Changed. I think it’s a strong contender, hot off the heels of the 2023 blockbuster ‘AI’. I’m not sure if these titles are thrillers, comedies, or dramas, but there is a serious dose of reality in each storyline!

The game has changed. The tools have changed. And the rules have changed. (Said in big movie trailer voice).

In the creative economy, change is an inevitable constant and I believe there is a mutual relationship between change and creativity. Creativity drives change, and change also leads to creativity.

There is no argument that AI is a game changer. In the agency space, AI’s ability, and its impact on the services we offer, now needs to be incorporated into our strategic thinking.

New tools of the trade

Virtually every aspect of what we do, can have a layer of AI added. But just because we can, does not necessarily mean we must.

What we must, is be cognisant of the options that AI adds in our environment: my LinkedIn feed alone is evidence of colleagues experimenting and tinkering with AI.

From text, condensed summaries, images, voiced articles and video, there are a lot of tools to play with. We are still at the stage where AI-generated content can be recognised. The writing is just a little off. The tone does not match your personality and the word choice has you googling the meaning at times.

Phrases like in conclusion, to begin with and let’s look at make regular appearances, though they’re not in your lingo. Watching and listening to AI-generated footage of myself, created from a few sentences and pictures from my phone, is both fascinating and a little frightening.

It’s (maybe) mimicry, not magic

Large language models are being refined and refining themselves, and will gradually become more like you, or a version of you.

As an agency it is important to understand the tools and their impact. Staff who are curious and interested in the future of creativity are key in making sure both audiences and clients benefits from the positive effects of AI.

But it is the very interest and curiosity that AI sparks, that it does not have.

Creativity is the catalyst, glue and essence of every idea and concept. Creativity is fuelled by several aspects that don’t have an AI prong and, in my mind, cannot be mimicked despite thousands of hours of learning.

Creativity is often guided by an understanding of emotions, empathy, impact, and interpretation. There is no substitute for time on earth and lived experiences. It is these factors that allow us to find a way to connect abstract ideas to people in a meaningful way.

Creative expression resonates because it has no defined rules and formula – and can even defy logic.

Babies start dreaming while still in the womb. Children create entire make-believe worlds with events and characters. Daydreaming and doodling are all part of our imaginations that manifest in vivid thoughts and actions. Technology cannot mimic this; it can only copy and create iterations, not original thoughts or ideas.

Oh look, a bird! Human creativity is random, and the creative process often links unrelated ideas to create innovative solutions. Catchy melodies and hooks in songs, the clever solutions to basic problems. The punchy campaign line or brand story that speaks to the audience in their language and their context. Creativity is a human solution.

How does AI describe the smell of petrol or freshly cut grass? Does AI prefer hot or cold milk in its filter coffee? Can AI laugh so much it hurts or stay awake all night because of a fever?

AI is a brilliant tool. A time saver. Analytical. AI is an aggregator and a resource of technical data. AI can be a catalyst to conversations and ideas. It can check and compare. It can sort information and identify anomalies. It’s a game changer.

But AI won’t cry in a movie when everyone else is laughing. AI won’t watch a scene with one eye open because seeing the action with both eyes is too much and too scary! AI doesn’t get goosebumps when the music starts playing after the hero has died. AI doesn’t fall asleep or change the channel.

Creativity continues to fuel the journey of change, let’s keep creating and being the lead characters, producers, and directors!

Note: no part of this article was generated by AI😊

Perfecting the prompt

 We put ChatGPT to the test, using basic prompts on the article included on this page; we’ve given it three ratings.

There’s no doubt that the potential for sentence starters exists, but the pen remains mightier than the digital sword!

  1. Please suggest three snappy headlines for the attached article to be published in a media industry trade publication.
  • The Creative Revolution: Embracing Change in the AI Era
  • Beyond Algorithms: Unleashing Human Creativity in the Age of AI
  • “Lights, Camera, Creativity: Navigating the New Landscape of AI-driven Innovation
  1. Please write two LinkedIn posts that can be used to hook a potential reader to click through and read the entire article. Post must be no more than three sentences.
  • In the ever-evolving landscape of creativity, AI emerges as both a tool and a challenge. How do we balance the power of AI with the irreplaceable essence of human creativity? Join the conversation on navigating this dynamic relationship! #Creativity #AI #Innovation
  • As AI reshapes industries, understanding its impact on creativity is paramount. While AI excels at analysis, human ingenuity remains unparalleled in emotional connection and originality. Let’s explore how we can harness the best of both worlds for ground-breaking innovation! #AI #Creativity #FutureOfWork
  1. I’d like to create an appropriate image for the article attached; please can you give me three prompts to use on the appropriate image tool?
  • An image depicting a blend of traditional artistic tools (such as paintbrushes, pencils, and canvases) alongside modern technology (such as computer screens, tablets, and AI symbols), symbolising the intersection of creativity and AI in the modern era.
  • An illustration of a human brain with gears representing AI algorithms intertwined, showcasing the collaboration between human creativity and AI technology to drive innovation and change in the creative economy.
  • A visual representation of a movie theatre marquee displaying titles like “AI” and “Changed” alongside images of futuristic AI-inspired artwork, illustrating the evolving landscape of creativity in the entertainment industry driven by AI advancements.

Human created ending: I love experimenting and testing the free AI options. At times it is frustrating as AI doesn’t always pick up what I’m putting down. Figuring out excel formulas has become a form of wizardry, as has writing code to make an HTML email signature. I save time but waste it too. I find interesting trains of thought but delete endless words and sentences that add no value. It’s like the modern-day writer’s block!

AI created ending:
Incorporating AI into creative spaces offers unparalleled efficiency, enabling rapid analysis of vast data sets and generation of content. It opens doors to new possibilities, augmenting human creativity with innovative tools and techniques. However, reliance on AI may risk diluting the authenticity and emotional depth inherent in human-driven creative endeavours, necessitating a delicate balance to preserve the essence of genuine artistic expression.



Candy Dempers loves all things media. An industry veteran with radio as her first love, she is a sales and marketing specialist whose field has expanded into TV and digital media, where she heads up the team at MediaHeads360.




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