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This tool makes fake web pages with one text prompt

Generative AI continues to amaze me, and the latest development comes in the form of a web tool I never knew I needed. It’s called, and it’s a tool that lets you create fake websites for anything you might think of, no matter how stupid it may sound. Input a prompt, and you’ll get the desired AI websites, complete with menus and images. Some of those menus work, too, which is mind-blowing. lets you choose between various large language models. By default, it uses Claude 3.5 Sonnet, which is Anthropic’s latest model that rivals OpenAI’s GPT-4o upgrade for ChatGPT. But you can switch to GPT-4o if you want ChatGPT to handle your fake website. The tool also lets you use older models, but you’ll probably want to stick to these two.

The website is really easy to use, and it was found by Redditors. Just load it in your browser and then sign in with a Google account to get the fun started.

I did exactly that, and the first prompt I gave it was to generate a “website about nothing.” Here’s what I got in return:

Tech. Entertainment. Science. Your inbox.

Claude and ChatGPT were quick to give me a website about nothing, and the latter even generated an image from scratch. The websites load within the main webpage, and the overall user interface looks like a version of Safari running on a Mac.

You also get a fake URL field, which is where the prompts go. Once the page loads, the URL should change accordingly, but it doesn’t always work.

ChatGPT-powered version of a website about nothing.ChatGPT-powered version of a website about nothing. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

The whole thing is pretty fast, but it’s not instantaneous. Image generation takes a while to complete. I initially thought the image generation part failed, but all I had to do was switch between the real tabs in my browser to see the photo.

Here’s another example for an “e-commerce site about the meaning of life” prompt:

Limited stock available, act fast!Limited stock available, act fast! Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

I just love how Sonnet gave me a brand name and crafted products complete with pricing information.

The GPT-4o version of it wasn’t as visually stunning, but ChatGPT got the gist of it:

The GPT-4o fake website version for the same e-commerce prompt.The GPT-4o fake website version for the same e-commerce prompt. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

I then moved to the obvious choice, “ in the year 2045.” blew my mind again. It created a fake version of with matching titles for the technology of the future.

The fake of the future.The fake of the future, according to AI. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

Again, the images didn’t load, so I ran the prompt again, obtaining better results. That is, I waited for the images to be fully generated before clicking on any menus.

I think Claude did a better job, though I must admit I lost track of whether I was generating fake websites with Sonnet or GPT-4o.

One more try.One more try. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

My final try was a “ website but only for Broadway plays.” The results were impressive again. This time, I made sure Claude handled the task.

All your creations remain saved in your account, and you can move between them with ease. Also, there seem to be no limitations on what you can do. Or if there’s a limit on fake AI generation, I didn’t reach it during my brief testing. Yes, we are wasting energy and processing power.

Fake AI Netflix website selling Broadway tickets.Fake AI Netflix website selling Broadway tickets. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

What’s the purpose of all of this? Well, creating fake websites with a single prompt is fun. As one Redditor put it, it’s “excellent news now that I finished the internet a few weeks back!”

The tool lets you imagine all sorts of websites and even come up with prank ideas. That also means that, with the right prompt, this opens the door to some abuse. But it’ll be incredibly easy to verify the identity of one of these fake websites.

You can check out an animation of the tool in action below and try it yourself at this link.

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