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What the Tech: These ChatGPT prompts can help children and their parents

Posted: Jun 28, 2024 5:51 PM CDT

By JAMIE TUCKER Consumer Technology Reporter

ChatGPT and generative AI can do many cool and helpful things, but sometimes it’s hard to think of what to ask. ChatGPT is more creative than we are, so I’m sharing a few prompts that can be a big help, especially for parents during the summer!

For example, ask ChatGPT for some fun things to do near you that are off the beaten path, things you normally wouldn’t know about. You’ll get a list of places to explore with the kids that you might have missed. You should also use this prompt when planning a vacation to find adventures that are perfect for children of any age.

You can also use ChatGPT to create bedtime stories that wow your children. Be specific and include the child’s name, age, and what they like. You could ask for a story about “Trevor the superhero, fighting bad guys in space,” for example. This prompt returned a customized bedtime story that would take about 20 minutes to read.

You can even ask ChatGPT to create a week’s worth of adventures so you have a new story every night!

Other ideas:

● For younger children, ask for a lullaby with their name to the tune of a song you know.
● If you’re not feeling very creative at dinner time, tell ChatGPT what’s in your fridge and pantry and ask for recipes. You’ll have fresh ideas and cut down on food waste.
● Ask for age-appropriate movies on Netflix. Generative AI will return a list, based on recommendations from parenting and movie blogs.
● Run across something that’s TLDR, or Too Long Didn’t Read? Like a privacy policy. Ask Generative AI to summarize it.
● Ask one of the programs to create a workout plan to lose weight or bulk up.
● Use Google Gemini to rewrite any piece of content you’ve written as a blogpost, Facebook post, or tweet.
● Use Chat GPT to create a how-to list of steps for any project you’re giving your child.
● Ask a Generative AI tool to create a checklist of steps to clean their room.

The important thing when entering prompts for these generative AI tools is to be specific. Ask follow-up questions or commands. You won’t have to start the conversation over.  It’s a great tool…if you know what to ask.

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