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Why everyone wants to be a chief AI officer or “CAIO” – this is what it takes

While much has been written about AI and the potential danger it poses, AI and generative AI in particular have a lot to offer businesses and workers alike. In fact, private enterprises and governments are already attempting to incorporate AI and figure out how it can be utilized to fuel economic growth through strategic alignment with existing products and services.

In the U.S., federal agencies now must have a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) responsible for operationalizing the safe use of AI. However, away from governing authorities, the C-Suite is also busy navigating ways to capitalize on the emerging ways AI can be used to achieve increased output, greater productivity and an edge over competitors.

Getting started

The good news is that the skills many tech workers currently have can be easily adapted for AI, as Aileen Allkins, CEO of TeKnowledge, a digital transformation consultancy that offers managed services, digital skilling solutions and cybersecurity strategies, explains.

“Roles focused on data analysis and software development offer critical analytical and programming skills that are directly applicable to AI. It’s important to highlight that these skills are learnable and that transitioning into specialized fields like AI is within reach for those with a base in tech,” she says.

“The discourse around AI’s implications on employment, particularly in tech, warrants a nuanced understanding. It’s pivotal to recognize that AI’s role extends beyond task automation; it serves as a catalyst for job evolution and the creation of new, specialized roles. This tech shift underscores the importance of adaptability and the acquisition of new competencies where AI enhances human capabilities rather than supplants them.”


And for those who can navigate the sector, a powered up paycheck awaits-according to Indeed’s Workforce Insights Report, having Generative AI skills gives you an earning potential of $174,727, or a 47% difference with the skill versus without.

“Half of the highest-paid skills in tech are AI-specific, which suggests that job seekers with AI skills can stand out in a competitive job market, and potentially earn more than their counterparts,” the report shared.

Ready to start your journey towards becoming a leader in AI? The TechSpot Job Board is the perfect place to start. It features thousands of openings in tech companies that are actively recruiting tech professionals proficient in AI, such as the three below.

AI Engineer, Cohere, San Francisco

Cohere is focused on building and deploying large language model (LLM) AI into enterprises in a safe and responsible way and builds transformational AI technology and products for enterprise and developers to harness the power of LLMs.

As an AI Engineer you will work directly with customers to quickly understand their greatest problems and design and implement solutions using Large Language Models. You’ll also get the opportunity to deliver products like early startup CTOs and CEOs do. Interested? Apply here.

Enterprise AI Architect, Oracle, Broomfield

As an Enterprise AI Architect, you will craft and steer the adoption and integration of AI, ML, and DevOps practices within complex business domains.

You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, data engineers, developers, operations, IT, and business leadership, to align AI strategies with enterprise goals and aspirations, and provide strategic leadership in designing and implementing scalable and secure AI architectures. Find out more details here.

Lead, AI Advocacy, IBM, New York

As an AI Advocate Lead within the team, you’ll harness your skills to engage in the development of explainers and tutorials, which will focus on common AI use cases that can be solved via IBM’s watsonx platform.

Your role is to lead and build authoritative content focused on topics related to the Data and AI space to encourage and drive adoption in this space. You should leverage internal product enablement, market and academic research, books, top articles and videos on search engines to inform your content. Want to know more? You can find the full job description here.

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