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AI taking away your job: Is AI taking away your job? Here is how you can use AI to get more jobs. Know in detail

Ever worried about Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over your jobs and rendering you unemployed? Well, there is an immediate concern for those in the workforce. A recent report that has been released has shown that the workforce is focusing on skilling, re-skilling and upskilling even as AI is threatening to eat away the livelihood of many in the workforce, especially those who are unskilled.

2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report

The report titled ‘The 2024 Work Trend Index Annul Report’ by Microsoft and LinkedIn has revealed some information on AI in the workforce. The findings point towards a threat assessment, efforts being taken to tackle this challenge and also potential opportunities in this sector.

Is AI taking over jobs?

According to the report, 45% of knowledge workers worldwide are concerned that AI will replace them. However, experts point out that there is an immediate concern about this. Laurence Liew, Director for AI Innovation at AI Singapore, points out that the immediate threat is not AI taking over jobs, but someone using AI taking over others’ jobs. This has been reported by ‘Business Today’.

He suggested that the most important skill that workers need to learn is to use various generative AI tools such as Open AI’s CHAT-GPT and develop skills that focus on prompt engineering. AI tools need individuals who have advanced levels of prompt engineering skills which will enable providing detailed prompts that the tools can use.

Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is the task of providing inputs to the AI tools that help in the process of Machine Learning. The latter involves the ability of the AI tool to learn by itself based on the inputs provided by the developers. This involves providing complex prompts that often confuse the AI tool thereby enabling it to learn from it. According to the same report, 75% of the knowledge workers are using AI at their workplace and many of them are focusing on developing skills. According to the online learning platform ‘Udemy’, there has been a 60% increase in AI-related training and demand for CHAT-GPT courses has surged to 5226% in Q1 of 2023.


1. What does the World Economic Forum report on AI in the workforce reveal?
The organization released a report titled the “Future for Jobs Report 2020”. It stated that 85 million jobs will be lost to AI in 2025 and 97 million jobs will appear due to AI.

2. Which are the jobs that are under threat of being replaced by AI?
Jobs that focus on automation can be lost due to AI. Jobs such as customer service, basic factor-related jobs, accounting and even those in the media sector are under threat.

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