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Pinoy workers can now equip themselves with AI skills for productivity. Here’s how

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Filipinos can now equip themselves with essential skills in artificial intelligence or AI in order to boost their productivity at work.

Tech giant Google on May 30 announced the availability of the Google AI Essentials course on the Coursera platform which will provide Pinoys with AI skills in a digitally-evolving world.

The Google AI Essentials is a self-paced online course taught by AI experts at Google.

The course requires no previous experience with AI and is designed to help people across roles and industries get essential AI skills to boost productivity.

Learners will gain hands-on experience with a variety of AI tools to brainstorm ideas and speed up daily work tasks in less than 10 hours.

Among the skills they can learn upon signing up are the following:

Developing ideas and content

Learners can use AI to help brainstorm and generate ideas and turn them into a presentation outline to sell it through.

Make more informed decisions 

They can also use AI to help them research locations and organize information so they can pick the best spot based on a set criteria.

Speed up daily work tasks 

AI can likewise aid them in drafting email responses so workers can quickly clear their inboxes.

Write effective prompts 

Learners also have the opportunity to create clear and specific AI prompts and learn techniques so they can get the output they need.

Use AI responsibly 

The program also teaches them how to use AI to mitigate unfair biases and inaccuracies.

Participants who have completed the course will receive a Google-issued skill badge to showcase their newly acquired AI proficiency to potential employers and colleagues.

A ‘Digital Philippines’ 

The Google AI Essentials course is part of the tech giant’s commitment to helping build a “Digital Philippines” toward an AI-ready economy.

Google said that AI presents a transformative opportunity for the country to address economic challenges by boosting productivity and unlocking human potential.

A study by Access Partnership forecasts that Philippine businesses could reap P2.8 trillion (US $50.7 billion) in economic benefits in 2030 through adopting AI-powered products and solutions.

The tech giant has partnered with key stakeholders, including the Department of Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Trade and Industry, to extend Google AI Essentials scholarship opportunities to Filipinos nationwide.

These partners will receive scholarship allocations to distribute among Filipino youth, jobseekers, MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) entrepreneurs, civil servants and more.

Last month, Google Trends said that Filipinos are among the most interested in AI technology globally.

It said that the Philippines ranked third in nations searching for AI-related topics across the world.

Google Trends said that Manila’s high ranking around AI reflected the country’s growing technological awareness, economic aspirations, educational initiatives, government support and the global trend toward AI adoption.

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AI is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or computer systems.

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