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Top skills that Class of 2024 aspiring to build a career in tech needs to add to their new year’s resolutions list – Digital Transformation News

By Abhinanda Sarkar

As the Class of 2024 prepares to navigate the dynamic job market, resilience and adaptability are paramount. In today’s VUCA world, continuous learning and anticipating future leadership demands are crucial for success. And as we step into the new year, reflecting on some of those top tech skills that were in high demand in 2023, will perhaps set a strong stage for what lies ahead in 2024. As we brace ourselves for what lies ahead, both employers and aspiring tech professionals should gear up for a potentially volatile job market where proactive insights and foresight will be immensely important in seizing opportunities. With that as context, let’s delve into some of those core skills that the Class of 2024 must embrace to stand out in this ever-evolving tech landscape. 

Chipping at the Data Iceberg

Data Science stands tall in the tech landscape today, and the current AI boom only amplifies its significance. Python remains the language of choice, its versatility harmonizing with technologies like TensorFlow and the rising star, PyTorch. Not only this, but amidst the explosive growth of Large Language Models (LLMs), fluency in Natural Language Processing (NLP) will be paramount in 2024. While the bulk of development has always been historically centered around the English language, there is a noticeable shift. Proficiency in working with languages integral to global business, such as Mandarin, or those of local significance, like Telugu, will be soon recognized as a valuable skill set.

Mastering AI 

In an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence, specifically Generative AI, a myriad of emerging Machine Learning (ML) skills form the backbone of this technological wave. The advent of ChatGPT drove this surge by thrusting AI into the mainstream. The key to leveraging tools like ChatGPT lies not in an in-depth understanding of AI algorithms but in mastering Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT and LLaMA.  Surprisingly, delving into the intricacies of these models is not a prerequisite for generating content such as text, images, starter code, or ad campaigns. The essential skill in fact lies in the art of posing questions, known as prompt engineering. The Class of 2024 is tasked with honing the natural ability to craft effective prompts, and the most innovative among them will excel not only in crafting but also in fine-tuning the outcomes.

Cybersecurity: Guardians of the Digital Realm

As the volume of data being stored and transmitted online continues to surge, the demand for cybersecurity experts has experienced a consistent upswing. This demand spans both defensive strategies and the realm of ‘ethical hacking.’ Merely entering a computer system now entails more than just inputting a password. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is becoming increasingly prevalent, necessitating a multifaceted approach. Building and maintaining an MFA system may entail expertise in voice recognition, fingerprints, or other biometrics. Additionally, a robust grasp of workflow intricacies and the continual evolution of security features is imperative to thrive as security experts. 

Conquering the Cloud

Cloud computing is the backbone of AI and data storage. With cloud service providers continually broadening their offerings, users are anticipated to cultivate proficiency in utilizing these evolving platforms.  A strategic entry point for honing these competencies lies in obtaining certifications from industry giants like AWS and Microsoft Azure, among other reputable providers.  

Thinking about Design

Design Thinking principles are crucial for human-centric design, especially in UI/UX. As enough computing power becomes available, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) emerge as potent tools for creating immersive digital experiences. The evolving concept of the Metaverse indicates a need for adaptation, and the Class of 2024 is poised to become architects in reshaping and enhancing digital landscapes. Their role extends to designing secure and value-infused digital realms using the transformative capabilities of AR/VR technologies.

Software Development: Beyond Coding

Software engineering and development demands not only a deep familiarity with specific software but also the adeptness to navigate and leverage a broader software ecosystem. Embracing full-stack development, encompassing both back-end and front-end expertise, will emerge as a valuable skill set. For instance, the evolution of mobile apps tailored to harness the capabilities of 5G showcases the potential for innovation. The role of tomorrow’s professionals extends beyond coding; they are enroute to contributing to the creation of Smart Cities and becoming catalysts for the development of our nation.  

As the Class of 2024 prepares to embark on their professional journey, they must prepare for a tech-centric future. The evolving job market demands not only current skills but also foresight to anticipate future trends. Embrace continuous learning, stay adaptable, and master these evolving tech skills. The journey ahead is dynamic, but armed with the right skills, the Class of 2024 have the potential to thrive in this volatile and ever-changing tech landscape and assume their roles as true architects of innovation.

The author is academic director, Great Learning

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